About Project Mailbox
Project Mailbox is a charity for other charities, raising awareness and money for different causes one coin at a time. Each month, we raise money for a charity YOU vote for, alternating between local, national and international causes.

The idea for Project Mailbox comes from the idea of neighbors supporting each other. If a small town family was struggling, neighbors would often pitch in anonymously to help, leaving money in their mailboxes and knowing that if situations were ever reversed, their community would want to help them as well.

If you're reading this website, it's because you found us. Without pestering or annoying, we give YOU, the college students, a say in which organizations to support and a way to participate in your community with only the change in your pocket. We understand that college students may not have the ability to give on a large level, but still want to get involved. Donations are entirely voluntary and have no minimum amount! If every BU undergrad donates a quarter a week, that's $16,000 a month to the charity of the student body's choosing. We. Want. Change. It's time to start thinking inside the box.

As the brainchild of a current undergrad, Project Mailbox's first home is on the campus of Boston University, a great place with open-minded, hard working, and ambitious students. Mailbox #1 is in front of the University Grill in the heart of BU's central campus. Grab a slice of pizza or a Terrier Burger and think about giving us your change-remember, it's your choice!

Online fundraising for Project Mailbox to help grow our mission.